— Dawn Christine


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Dawn Christine Architect, PLLC, offers the full range of architectural services, from conceptual design and 3D visualization to engineered construction drawing sets. We come equipped to carry your project from the initial design phases until construction is completed - start to finish. Whether you are looking to complete a small residential addition, build a new home, or develop a new space for your business, nothing makes us happier than helping you bring your idea to life. We'll meet with you and discuss your ideas, taking care that the initial design phase accurately reflects the concept you envision. If you're not sure where your idea is going, we can help with that too!

conceptual design

All good architecture relies on a clear and thoughtful beginning. Your idea and vision are the driving force behind the initial design concept, and we will be there with you to help see it through successfully. No matter how small or large, our goal is to work with your idea and help you develop it into reality.


3D Rendering

Texture and materiality play a large part in understanding how a finished design will look and feel. We're here to produce the 3D renders necessary to visually communicate to our clients what is happening in the design.

Interior design

The overall design is a series of decisions that also address the details of a project. Materiality and interior design tie up the big picture with attention to the minute aspects that drive the overall efficiency and aesthetic of any space.


Construction drawings

Producing an accurate construction set that will pass permitting is one of the final stages of a given project, and one of the most crucial. No amount of schematic design and powerful vision will get your vision built if the final, necessary steps aren't taken to generate the related drawings. Dawn Christine's year of experience producing construction sets, her working relationships with builders, and her precise attention to detail have given her the necessary tools to produce the drawings you need to get your dream built.

3d visualization

A digital 3D model lends depth and clarity to the overall design, giving both us and you a detailed preview of where the design development phase can go. This is an effective tool for visualizing just how the design scheme, both exterior and interior, will play out and allows you to experience the possibilities in the final product.

model views2.jpg


The ability to fly OVER and THROUGH a proposed design demonstrates the relationships between design elements, spaces old and new, and the overall approach. Animation creates an intimate design experience by giving you the ability to have a bird's eye view one moment and the next moment feeling so close you could reach out and grab a handrail.