Fire & Water

Cary, NC

Set inside a traditional Cary neighborhood, this kitchen renovation and expansion began as a way to spatially expand and open programmatic elements. Adding a four-season screened porch and re-orienting the kitchen materialized as an efficient spatial experience from the daily entrance into the kitchen and great room. Views to the outside facilitate a modern transition highlighting a linear fireplace and integrated water feature. The expansive multi-slide door unit disappears into wall, allowing the eye to sweep from the kitchen to the outdoors, bringing the elements of fire and water into the house, resolving a dynamic and cohesive space.

Elizabeth's Kitchen 17 final-1.jpg

A contemporary kitchen addition framed with gentle archway from existing living room. Glass cabinets with interior lighting and gray accent coloring frame each side of the kitchen casement window.

Elizabeth's Kitchen 2 final-1.jpg

The pull-out pantry located on each side of the refrigerator provide convenient access to the most used pantry ingredients

Elizabeth's Kitchen 30 final-1.jpg

With the relaxing sound of water and the view of this water feature a spatial dialogue is created between the kitchen and the sunroom.

Elizabeth's Sun Room 35 final -1.jpg

View @ Multi-Slide Doors :: The sliding glass doors between the kitchen and sunroom completely disappear into the wall pockets and make this a premiere entertaining space by creating open flow between the spaces

Elizabeth's Sun Room 27 final -1.jpg

Fire and Water :: The warmth from a linear gas fireplace makes this sunroom a four season space. Coupled with a vertical water feature, the two heighten one's senses and enjoyment of the space. 

coffee station.jpg

This entrance into the kitchen is an archway which has cabinetry recessed into both sides creating a unique beverage center. It is made up of a coffee station on one side of the archway with a niche for wine and glass storage on the other.

Project Photos : Snapshots Of Grace