Early in the development process came the Pisgah, which was designed looking at every level of interaction in an active adult's life. Situated in 'pocket communities', all the homes we designed for this community have large front porches welcoming inhabitants and visitor both into the home and out into the surrounding pocket neighborhood, encouraging interaction and increasing safety in a way that traditional street-front communities do not. Ground floor living for ease of access is promoted by an open floor plan that transcends every design we produced for The Walk.

Concept Render


Views @ Front Porch




Similar to neighboring homes, the design for Rock Rose is access friendly, yet the finishing package sets Rock Rose apart. Lighter finishes and materials lend a a modern appeal, central to the idea that each pocket neighborhood within the larger master plan offer something for everyone.


View @ Front Porch



Featuring the same community facing front porch and accessible open plan as it's neighbors, Uwharrie sports a more detailed facade.

Uwharrie C Render.jpg

Concept Render

Uwharrie First Floor Landscape w Furniture.png

First Floor Plan